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Some situations require immediate action. A person is in imminent suicide risk if she or he

During regular office hours, call the Counseling Center at (660) 248-6274 (On Campus Ext. 58274) or come by the office on the second floor of the Student & Community Center.

Outside normal business hours, students should call the counselor's pager at 800-622-1322 #6866.

The Counseling Center is able to provide brief crisis counseling as well as referrals to outside providers. Call (660) 248-6274 (On Campus Ext. 58274). Outside normal business hours, faculty and staff should call 911.

Call Central Methodist University Campus Safety at (660) 202-0848. You can also call the Fayette Police Department at (660) 248-2241 or dial 911 for assistance.

Take the person directly to the emergency room at University Hospital or Boone Hospital.